• #holidayreads for Grown-Ups

    Three powerful must-read novels to put on your holiday reading list - The Hate Race, a powerful, funny, moving and beautifully crafted memoir about growing up black in white middle-class Australia - reading it could teach us all how not to be; Between a Wolf and a Dog, an elegant and delicately emotional portrayal of one family’s relationships and of their everyday struggle to love each other in the shadow of mortality, grief and forgiveness and The Natural Way of Things - a ferocious exploration of contemporary misogyny and corporate control, which is both provocative and fearless as it reveals us and our world to ourselves.

    holiday reads for parents
  • #holidayreads for Fantasy Readers

    Alex Jennings walks through a doorway and finds herself in another world.  She discovers she is unable to return home for some months and must enrol in the Akarnae Academy - a place of impossible chemistry, ‘gifted’ teenagers and a curriculum that values survival above all else. Lynette Noni's Akarnae, the first novel of The Medoran Chronicles, is a must read for our fantasy readers this holidays

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  • #holidayreads from a Favourite New Author

    There are some authors that you just want to read everything they’ve ever written because you’ve fallen in love with their writing style, character development, and plot lines. I have not felt this way about an author since I was in year 6 and reading Tamora Pierce‘s series, such as Song of the Lioness, Daughter of the Lioness, Circle of Magic, and The Circle Opens, until recently. For me that author is now Sarah J Maas; author of Throne of Glass series and the A Court of Thorns and Roses series.

    krystals favourite author
  • #holidayreads - The Girls by Emma Cline

    A lonely teenager is infatuated by a group of girls who blow into her hometown. When invited to join them on their ranch, she meets their charismatic leader and is drawn closer and closer towards an infamous cult and a violent, unthinkable event that would change lives forever. This is the story of The Girls by Emma Cline, a stomach clenching ride into the heart of a 1960s cult.

  • #holidayreads for Older Readers

    All Evie wants to do is be 'normal' but her mental health declines as she struggles with a relapse of her OCD as she embarks on a new relationship and makes new friends at college. Trying to be normal, suppress her illness and keep it a secret from her friends, Evie's story Am I Normal Yet? is both funny and heart-rending and shows how tough it can be to be a girl today!

    am i normal yet

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