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From Library to iCentre 

Connecting learners with skills, tools and information

In order for students to connect with the skills, tools and information they require for learning, they need a physical space where they can go to work, access help, locate resources and experiment with new media. Learners also require a digital space that allows them to access resources and support in an environment which is on-line and available anywhere at any time. Qualified and supportive staff and first rate resources also need to be made available to students to support their academic success and preparation for life in the 21st Century. At Mt Alvernia, students can access all of these opportunities through the iCentre.

Physical Spaces

Located in the heart of the school, the Mt Alvernia iCentre is a beautiful space which offers students the opportunity to research, read literature, experiment with new media and technologies & access professional staff for support.  The iCentre space is flexible and designed to meet a range of learning styles so that students may work quietly and independently, can meet to conference in groups or can relax with a good book.

Digital Spaces

The iCentre website is the portal through which students can access materials and support in a digital environment.  Here, students can use mediated resources, learn from tutorials, discover great reads, access Web 2.0 tools and receive research assistance.  The iCentre also uses a number of social media tools as “push technologies” in order to keep students, staff and other members of the community up-to-date with the latest information, technologies and books to read.  Everyone is welcome to join the conversation by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook and following our Pinterest boards.


The iCentre provides the access to the tools and information students need to support their learning. These are available in many sources including books, websites, databases, subject portals, videos and tutorials, and via a variety of formats including multimedia devices. The iCentre also makes it possible for students to access information about career and study choices beyond school.


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