Programme Leader : Careers 

 Melissa Loveday


She is available to help students to:


Career counselling involves confidential sessions, in which your daughter's career, life plans, and personal influences that will affect her career are discussed. Career appointments typically involve setting goals and learning tasks to enable good career decisions.



Deciding What to Study

Deciding what to study can be tricky, but like choosing subjects for Yrs 11 and 12 – it is important to go back to, and reflect upon, some key areas:



Helpful Websites

Some websites that might help with you with this investigation and are listed below. Explore them as you start your thinking and planning about what you might like to study.


Latest News

Defence Force Recruiting Opportunity

The Specialist Recruiting Team – Women in the Navy – is offering an exclusive tour for females interested in a technical trade career in the Navy to see first-hand some of the systems that are used to operate a Navy ship. Learn about the unique traditions of the Australian Navy as well as having the opportunity to try your hand at some of the trade skills that are used to keep a Navy ship at sea.  This activity will give young females the opportunity to meet and talk with sailors from the Royal Australian Navy about their time in the Navy and the great opportunities available in technical trades.


To be eligible to apply, students must be 16 years or older and obtained a pass in year 10 English, Math and Science. Morning tea and lunch provided.

 Apply: by COB Friday 15th February 2016 – spaces are limited


See the Careers Office for more details before deadline