Coping With Feeling Overwhelmed


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First Published: 5 June 2016

Author: iCentre Admin

Managing your school work load is a skill that will help you achieve better results and reduce the chance of stress in the lead-up to exams. Good time management is the number one factor that will help you become organised and reduce feelings of being overwhelmed. Time management skills will stand you in good stead during your years of study as well as in other aspects of your day-to-day life. Here are some tips to help you manage your time efficiently.


Be Realistic

Make sure the goals you set are realistic. It is no point aiming to do 5 hours of study at one time when that is very unlikely to happen. Also schedule some social life and free time into your week so that you obtain balance.


Create a list

List all the tasks you need to complete - then put them in order of priority, starting with the most urgent tasks first. Tick off each task as it is completed.


Reward yourself

Set yourself time limits for study blocks and reward yourself with regular mini-breaks for achieving those blocks of working time. You should leave your desk for these mini-breaks and have a drink of water or healthy snack to re-hydrate and energise the next burst of study. 


You can obtain further tips and strategies from the Study Skills Handbook under the iLearn button on this website. Good luck with your upcoming exams.








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