How To Study For Exams


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First Published: 24 October 2016

Author: iCentre Admin


When studying for the approaching exams, students need to be able to understand the topic, remember the content and apply the skills and techniques of the topic to different types of questions.  Actively studying for exams using this strategy is an essential skill for students to achieve success. To learn more, read the following article which gives tips about how this can be achieved.

Actively studying for an exam means:


  • Making study notes which helps you to understand and think about the topic, and put it into your long term memory.
  • Learning the information by making sure you understand it thoroughly, and includes testing yourself to see if you remember it
  • Practising the skills of the subject by doing lots of questions that help you practise these skills


Check out the ELES Study Skills Handbook for the module on Active Studying to find a variety of resources to help you study actively and successfully for your exams. There is also a section for parents and how they can support you.


Valuable resources include techniques for learning and remembering, explanations and identification of the best study techniques to suit your learning style, and more importantly, recommendations of how not to study.


You will find the ELES Study Skills Handbook under the iLearn tab on the iCentre website.






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