Time To Set Your Goals

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First Published: 20 January 2016

Author: iCentre Admin


The start of the year is the perfect time for students to set academic goals for the year, as well as any personal goals they have to achieve their personal best for 2016. The iCentre subscribes to the Online Study Skills Handbook which can be found on our website by entering the title in the search bar. This is a wonderful resource for helping students with practical suggestions of how to best manage their homework and study tasks and habits. This week, our study tip encourages and supports students in goal setting. 



by PSALTER on JANUARY 1, 2016 

Published with permission  

Source : www.studyskillshandbook.com.au


The start of the year is a great time to set yourself some goals. 

There are different types of goals you can set based on the timeframe in which you want to achieve these goals:

Short-term goals: are things you want to do today, tomorrow or within the next few weeks and sometimes months.
Medium-term goals: are things you want to achieve in the next few months or sometime even within the next year.
Long-term goals: are things you want to do later on in life, whether it is next year, two years’ time, ten years’ time or even longer.

Make sure your goals are SMARTIES

Specific: Make goals very detailed and specific. Exactly what do you want to achieve?
Measurable: You want to be able to know when you have achieved your goal so make sure there is some way to measure your success.
Action-Oriented: Your short-term goals should really be the action steps you need to take to achieve the medium and longer term goals.
Relevant & Realistic: Goals change, so if your goal is no longer relevant, you need to change it.
Time-Based: Your goals need to have a ‘to complete by’ date to give you something to aim for.
Interesting: Make your goals about things that you find interesting and worthwhile.
Emotional: Use powerful language to express the emotion behind the goals.
Success oriented: Express your goals in a positive and success focused way.


By accessing our subscription to Online Study Skills Handbookyou can learn more detail about how to set goals to achieve your personal best this year by working through the Goal Setting study skills tip #72.  Get started by using this valuable resource and set yourself up for success in 2016!