Would Led Zeppelin fail Retech at Mt Alvernia?

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Digital Citizenship, Year 7, Year 8

First Published: 18 April 2016

Author: Helen Stower

Recently, a US judge ruled that the famous Led Zeppelin hit Stairway to heaven was similar enough to an instrumental by the band Spirit to necessitate a jury trial.  If the jury finds Led Zeppelin guilty of copyright infringement, the band could be made pay huge sums of money in damages.  At Mt Alvernia, students are taught that respecting the creative and intellectual property of others is their moral, ethical and legal responsibility.  


A key goal of future proof education is to ensure students are engaging with information, people and technologies as ‘connected learners’ and that this engagement is effective, safe and ethical.  In year 7 & 8 at Mt Alvernia, students undertake a subject called Retech (Research and Technology).  One of the topics covered in Retech is the legal and ethical use of creative and intellectual property.  The correct attribution of sources is a key component of this topic and is continually taught throughout the students’ schooling.  We would be enormously disappointed if one of our students used the creative property of another person without their permission and if Led Zeppelin are found guilty of copyright infringement they have certainly failed this component of our curriculum.



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