The Myth of Multitasking


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First Published: 4 May 2016

Author: iCentre Admin

Even though some students think they can multitask and manage answering texts, listening to music or watching TV, doing homework and studying at the same time, research has proved the truth is a different story and best results are achieved when students have a distraction free work space and single-task rather than multitask. There is an excellent article in the Study Skills Handbook that discusses this research.


Some things you can do to achieve this include:

  • reading the article in the Study Skills Handbook that discusses this research and be informed
  • setting aside small chunks of time for homework and study during which you turn off text messages and notifications - allow yourself intervals during which you can check these
  • if you have a lot of distractions at home, think about staying at the iCentre in the afternoons to do your homework and study
  • if you have a lot of extracurricular commitments, it is a good idea to do a schedule with these listed so that you can visualise where time can be allocated for study
  • watch the video below, and if this sounds like you, it's time to make a change!






Slider image : Jenn Vargas, Multitasking, CC x 2.0