iReference:  Tools for Attribution

Easy Bib

A social research site which students can use to site and share references. 


QUT Cite Write

The Queensland University of Technology's online referencing guide for how to reference different types of academic material. 


Smart Copying

The offical guide to copyright issues for Australian schools. 


Creative Commons

A comprehensive guide about the creative commons licences, how to utilise them correctly and how to avoid copyright infringements. 


Creative Commons - Get Creative

A great Youtube clip that outlines the history and main differences between copyright and creative commons. 


Image Attribution 

You can purchase stock images to use from many websites. However, just using Google Images to find images will almost certainly guarantee you are breaking copyright, as unless it is otherwise stated, the images are copyrighted to the owners. 


Wikimedia Commons

Portal for images, sound and video files with the accompnaying license for how they can be used. 


Find Free Images Online

A comprehensive collection of sites to use from the Hey Jude blog


32 places to find free images online

Another comprehensive list and suggestions for use


Image Sources

Web 2.0 tools for educators



Repository of images uploaded and labelled with CC lincenses 



Licensed images organised around pictures. 


Google Tools 


Google Advanced Image Search

Use this function to search for images free to use or share


Google Advanced Search Tutorial

This tutorial steps through the process of finding images on Google Advanced Search 


Open Attribute

A plug in for all browsers makes it so easy! Or purchase from the Google Store 


Music Attribution 

Getting music and sound effects legally are just as important as images. 


Copyright Friendly Music and Sound

A list of copyright friendly sites with sheet music and sound clips available - some rights reserved. 



Music and sound files that are covered by Creative Commons. 



An independent music resource that is available for students to use for free in any non-profit activity - content is able to be shared via social media. 



Music files that can be legally dowloaded and streamed. All music available from this site is covered by Creative Commons. 


Tools for Evaluating Sources

Identifying Bias

Information from the State Library of Victoria regarding how to identify bias in sources.

Advanced guide to evaluating the credibility of sources

Information from James Cook University regarding evaluating the credibility of the sources of infromation used in assignment research.