Research Resources


The Research Safari

During your time at school you will complete many projects and research assignments that require you to find and use information from a variety of sources - many of which will be online. Sometimes, however, searching on the web can feel  like being lost in a jungle of information. Don't feel overwhelmed, This great website will help guide you through the information jungle.  It is produced by Leonie McIlvenny who shares it with us under CC 4.0

Visual Thesaurus

An online thesaurus and dictionary that you explore using an interactive map. It's a tool for people who think visually.


Search Engines

A page listing different Search Engines that are available online.


Library Webs

An Internet library which contains reliable websites arranged in subject order and chosen specifically for secondary students.


A page listing different Encyclopedias that are available online.


Newspapers and Journals

A page listing different Newspapers and Journals that are available online.


Subject Portals

A page listing different information for the following subjects:


Skills for Learning

Provided by the State Library of Victoria, this site is designed to assist students with the skills they need for learning.